For almost 50 years now, the poor redistribution of wealth in Europe has constantly caused
inequalities to grow. Poverty figures have exploded: 1.5 million people in Belgium, 9 million in
France, 11 million in Germany. Precariousness and exclusion appear to have become a social norm,
and nothing whatsoever manages to stop this scourge in its tracks.

For the Compagnie Art & tça, whose approach is to question key societal issues, it is urgent to
make the voice of the reality of poverty heard, to understand political choices, the aberrations of
our system, the deadlocks and the alternatives.


Focusing on accounts collected in the field, they invent a type of documentary theatre which acts
as a mouthpiece for “the voiceless”. Through poetry and humour, they create living, challenging
artistic matter which critically criticizes our times.


An act where citizens reappropriate spaces for dialogue which makes us ponder over our world.
As an accompaniment complementing the company’s approach, various discussion and gettogether
interludes will be organized around the performances, hand-in-hand with associations
working in the field.